Drowning Of Plastic : The Throwaway Society Essay examples

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Drowning in Plastic:
The Throwaway Society

Since it birth in the decade of the ‘90s, plastic have play such an important role in every aspect of the modern-society. Thanks to its unique combination of properties such as durability, versatility, and cost of production, plastic’s dependency seems to not have end. Packaging, construction materials, medical devices and a surfeit of consumer goods are examples of products manufactured from plastic. It is estimated that 100 millions tons of plastic is used each year, which accounts for about 10 percent of the world’s waste (Kiener 162). Hence, it is imperative to have a proper disposal and management of plastic products, since its degradation takes hundreds of years to be completed. Indeed, most of these products stills exit. Nonetheless, our consumption patterns and approach to these nondegradable materials are not quite adequate. These carelessly actions have made human beings as the only responsible for the insane amount of solid and plastic waste that every year pollute not only landfills but also oceans. Products like plastic bags, drink bottles, utensils, take-out food packages and the like, can be convenience for only a tiny fraction of time (short lifetime) but then remain forever as waste. As a result, environmental activist, scientists, and experts in the field have begun to raise the alarm; plastic pollution is a potentially global problem that is getting out of our hands. In fact, plastic are turning the oceans into…

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