Essay on Dropping The Legal Drinking Age

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Dropping the legal drinking age. The legal Drinking age was once the age of eighteen, that is until the 1980s when the law was that the drinking age should be risen to twenty-one to diminish the amount of deaths caused by young drunk drivers. It has succeed but it has also driven it to unsupervised parties such as high school parties and fraternity and sorority parties where all age groups have access to alcohol. But in this day and age the amount of deaths cause by drunk driving is not mostly caused by underage people alone, it is caused by people above the age of twenty one who believe that they can handle their intake of alcoholic beverages. The age of legal drinking from twenty-one to eighteen seems reasonable because we are considered adults and are able to take care of ourselves. “Twenty-one saves lives” seventy-two percent of adults agree that lowering the legal drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen would not be a good idea. “Half think that it would increase binge drinking among teens, according to a new Nationwide Insurance poll This is why stakeholders from scientific, medical, and public health organizations have joined MADD to form the Support 21 Coalition: We believe in basing public health policy on sound medical research and are committed to highlighting the lifesaving impact of the 21 drinking age. Twenty-one isn 't just an arbitrary number set by Congress—more than 20 states already had laws setting the drinking age there in 1984. And since the…

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