Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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The dropping of the atomic bombs on japan by the US government on the 6th and 9th of august 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki may not be seen as the right choice when ethically looking upon the situation that the united states was presented with at the time. Although the decisions of the US were not ethically justified, the circumstances in which they found them selves in made their actions appropriate in the sense of saving their counties name and regaining their power after the Pearl Harbor bombings that occurred on December 7th 1941. Dropping the bombs aloud the US to show the power they had and the potential they held, stating that were in fact a force to be reckoned with to the world. The US was obviously prompted by the Pearl Harbor bombings …show more content…
The US was the first country to develop an atomic weapon with the intentions to use it a real life situation. The created ‘the Manhattan projects’ with the intentions to construct an atomic weapon to use against Nazi Germany. This project begun in 1941 and they had some of the brightest scientist in the world working on creating an atomic bomb before the Germans had the chance to. The overall process of creating the atomic bombs resulted in costing more than 2 billion dollars and took place in the New Mexico desert as Los Alamos. Atomics bombs were a product of the unknown; no one was sure of their capability or if they would even explode meaning experimentation was needed. Throughout the years of the war the development of 2 different atomic bombs took place and the intention for the US to use the bombs power on Germany had not been taken away due to their defeat yet turned to japan as the war between them and the US was far from being depleted. Operation Trinity was the test run for the atomic bombs in New Mexico desert, the results were better than expected and this gave the president Harry Truman no reason not to give the all clear. To justify how much money had been spent of the Manhattan project the US government really had no choice but to use the atomic weapons. In the end weapons are created to be used and it allowed the United States to explore the impacts of atomic disaster in their own control and under their own circumstances. It let them experiment rather than being experimented on by another opposing country and see how far it could be

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