Dropout And High School Dropout Essay

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As of now our nation is facing a highschool dropout crisis, where a student dropouts of high school every 26 seconds, that 's 1.3 million students each year. On average, only 72% of America 's children graduate from high school. The median income for a high school dropout is $12,000 a year according to the American Graduate. So Those who do dropout of high school are more likely to turn to illegal activities in order to make money and many of them will end up in jail. According to Dosomething.org 75% of U.S. crimes are commited by a highschool dropout. Data collected from GradNation shows that some of the most common reasons for high school dropouts are no one cares if the student attended school, failing too many classes, had to work to provide for their family, and the student felt that their school was boring. Our nation is also facing a prison crisis according to Michelle Ye Hee Lee of The Washington Post, the United States holds almost 25% of the world’s total prison population. This eventually leads to the United States having very overpopulated prisons and requires the government to spend $80 billion on prisons every year and with the high population of high school dropouts being one of the main factors in the prison high incarceration rate it can only be expected to see the amount of money being poured into prisons increase, while funding for the education of America’s future continues to decrease.
In order to secure the United States’ place as one of the world’s…

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