Drones Security And Security

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Given the extent of the problem Shell is facing with its current security infrastructure, I have proposed two possible solutions. Acquire a fleet of either short range or endurance drones, that will enhance security.

Drones are small, unmanned aircrafts that are capable of vertical take-offs and landing (VTOL) [2]. These Unmanned vehicles are capable of flying at high sustained altitudes. Because of their remotely controlled capabilities and their mobility, the United States military, Police Force and other security forces around the world are taking advantage of this new technology; using drones to maximize security in their primary domains [3]. Police departments in major US cities who have beefed up their surveillance efforts with drones
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I have carefully chosen a list of criteria that will function as a guide in helping me to logically compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages each security alternative solution have. This in-depth analysis and comparison will provide more leverage in making a decision and writing a recommendation report. The evaluation criteria cover the following areas: acquisition cost, operation cost, prowling range, endurance, programmability/ Remote Capabilities, environmental impacts, noise level, intelligence, equipped security devices, connectivity, weather performance.

1. Acquisition Cost- The cost of procuring and acquiring the drones cannot exceed Shell’s $ 50 million “New Technologies yearly budget,” A budget that is allocated for researching and investing in new security technologies like the one that we proposing.
2. Operation Cost- This criterion takes into consideration the long term expense that is associated with operating the drones. It is very crucial that I consider the operation cost because a large percentage of the company’s operating budget is devoted to maintaining security. Acquired drones cannot cost more to operate and maintain than Security Guards and other security implements that are currently in
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Prowling Range, GPS, Internet Connection Capabilities & Speed Prowling range, which refers to both the vertical and horizontal distances, is another crucial area that I will consider. A Drone must be able to extend the physical capabilities of a security guard and static security devices that Shell currently uses. Prowling range of a suitable drone must range must be at least 200 meters for It to be considered. As for speed, a drone must be able to acquire and maintain a speed of at least 30 meters per seconds. Having GPS and Internet connection capabilities (Wi-Fi) would allow maximum remote access and control.
4. Endurance- A measure of how long a drone can perform a prowling duty and still remain effective is categorized under endurance. To fit the bill, a Drone must have a much greater endurance than a Static Sentry Guard.
5. Programmability, Remote Capabilities and Artificial Intelligence being able to command and control the operations of a drone is very critical to maintaining integrity and accountability. Most remotely controlled drones log every event that they are programmed respond to, therefore, the issue of our guards being dishonest and unaccountable will no longer be a

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