Drones Argumentative Essay

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The technological community keeps advancing day by day, and although that benefits the public such as creating products to make our already leisurely lives more comfortable and entertaining, such inventions like anything can be adjusted to do harm; and this is where drones come into play. Technically called “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs) drones are aircraft unassisted by pilots, encompassing everything from military vehicles to just plain use for recreation. Although having been in use for the past 50 years, recent concerns on Drones have made people question whether they should be available to anyone or should the federal government restrict the sales and use of drones, and I for one support their restriction. Although they’ve been proven useful and have been optimistically praised by …show more content…
They can fly under the radar, and require expensive ware to safely disable. These things are no longer glorified toys that can be easily taken care of. The fact that they’re becoming more sophisticated and cheaper, it will be harder to restrain them from us. Outdoor gatherings, commercial aircraft, and even moderate protected homes are vulnerable to stealthy attacks from above. Drone defenders argue that hobbyists have flown controlled aircraft for about 50 years with no dreadful incident, so all this fretting is excessive. But why take the risk? So we can enjoy more stunning videos taped from above? So pizzas or prescriptions are delivered to our doorsteps due to our increase independence in technology because of our laziness? As easily it is for a drone to deliver a pizza to your doorstep, is to deliver a bomb likewise. One should treat these small, flying vehicles the way the law treats weapons—as devices capable of potential danger. And it is for that reason that I believe that their restriction is in order for our own well

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