Driving Miss Daisy : The Friendship Between Daisy And Her Driver

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Driving Miss Daisy explores the unlikely friendship between Daisy Werthan and her driver Hoke. When Daisy wrecks her car, her son Boolie, decides to hire a driver for his elderly mother. He hires a black driver named Hoke to take his mother wherever she wants to go. Daisy is apprehensive at first of letting Hoke drive her around and wants to maintain her independence, but eventually Daisy gives in. Once Daisy begins to spend time with Hoke she comes to find comfort in his company and their friendship blossoms. Daisy teaches Hoke to read and in return he shows her the importance of good people to stand up in the face of evil. As the years pass and the pair grow older Daisy shows signs of dementia and is taken to an home for the elderly. Although Hoke no longer works for Daisy he continues to visit her while she is in the home. Driving Miss Daisy effectively portrays Freud’s defense mechanisms, companionate love, and neuroscience phenomena. Freud’s defense mechanism of denial is present in Daisy when the Ku Klux Klan blow up the Temple she attended. Hoke was driving Daisy to Temple one day and got stuck in horrible traffic. So Hoke decided to go find out what was going on. When Hoke came back he told Daisy that the police said someone had blown up the Temple. Daisy refused to believe that someone had targeted the Temple and kept insisting that the police must be lying. In order to convince Daisy that he was telling the truth Hoke shared a story from his past with her. He…

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