Essay On Texting While Driving

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Texting while driving a car is against the law for a reason. Picture yourself driving in your car while texting. You look away from the road for just a second to read the last text. The next thing you realize, you lose control of the car and wind up in a hospital bed. Texting is the huge distraction because it is done by hand and it is visual. Using phones devices while driving can cause drivers to miss important hints. People do not understand the risk they are taking when they text and drive. You put your life at risk, and you could also put someone else’s life at risk if you decide to text while driving. Numerous people ignore these obvious risks; as a results laws were created to protect people from accidents and punish drivers who text while drive. You should not text while driving because it is very distracting, …show more content…
If you cause an accident while texting and driving and you ran way, police can track you by your car’s tag and Vin number. The local and state governments have created laws for texting while driving. Some federal laws have enacted to ban texting while driving. Texting while driving may violate more general distracted driving laws, which prohibit a wide variety of activities while driving. Under the specific texting while driving laws, a police officer are allow to pull over and cite drivers even if they did not cause any violation in most states. If drivers using cell phones cause an accident, then a police officer can cite him for more serious violation including reckless driving. Governments have come up with some serious punishment for drivers who text and drive, which include: points deduction from your driver’s license, fines, and may face jail time if the crime is repeated multiple times. In some state, people get felony, license revoked if you disobey the law. When your license revoked you are not allows to drive in any state and you could end of losing your

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