Driving At A High Driving Essay

730 Words Feb 11th, 2016 3 Pages
As a growing teen i began learning how to drive, and of course for many it was a rough start. Learning how to drive responsibly in order to keep myself and others safe, and disregard all the other distracting things that came with driving, seemed a bit much to handle. So i decided the best way for me to keep my life would be driving at a beginners speed that i could handle. Every Time i drove i would make sure that my car was going over the minimum speed and not quit over the speed limit. Driving at a reduced speed would allow me to pay attention to the things that were happening around me. Considering that i would drive people who were well experienced drivers, they noticed that it was going to take a while for me to get adjusted to the traffic outside of a simple neighborhood. My family would always make fun of me as i drove them around. “You’re acting like you’re driving Miss Daisy.” I guessed that i was driving a bit too slow for them, but since this was surely before my time so i had no idea what they were referring to until now.

When i was first given this assignment, i dreaded actually watching the play because of the title “Driving Miss Daisy.” Plus the length of the video was an hour and twenty minutes long. i already had this horrible clip in my head about a play my mom would keep with constant singing and unbelievable, terrible acting. i had never seen a live play before this assignment.I literally watch movies all day long, so for me to watch something so…

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