Driving A Long And Winding Road Essay

942 Words Aug 1st, 2016 4 Pages
When I think about my life, I envision driving a long and winding road. A road that is fork-filled, riddled with road blocks, speckled with no-outlet signs, and teeming with treacherous obstacles, the kind that take years to overcome. A road, that crossed many boundaries, and has taken me to countless uncharted territories. On this road, from time to time, I’d slip out of the well worn driver’s seat, and stroll, directionless, till I’d tire, sit down, and take in the landscape. On this road, I, at times, would hand the wheel over, and reclaim the shotgun seat. With my younger self’s impression still warm, I’d put my feet on the dash, play Ingrid Michaelson’s “Turn to Stone” on loop, and take my eyes off the road altogether. This is my story. As you look upon my transcripts, you will see peaks and troughs. Troughs, which contain within them, something so much more powerful. In the recesses of those lines, invisible to the naked eye, exists a first and last name. Daniel Lasprilla. That name means nothing to you. It wasn 't worthy of a CNN ‘Breaking News’ bulletin. It didn’t invade Twitter feeds. In the fickle and ephemeral metric of my millennial generation, this person left the world with a whimper. But to me, his passing, it was cataclysmic. Daniel was my best friend, and his passing uncorked in me, an existential crisis of sorts. A crisis of conscious, in which I questioned whether I wanted to be a doctor. Simply because, for a long time, I blamed his doctors. But on braver…

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