Drivers Do Not Believe Texting While Driving Essay

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Distracted Driving

BEEP! HONK! SCREECH! CRASH! A first time mother just lost her six month old son in a car crash. She will never get to see him walk, talk, love, or graduate from high school all because another driver could not wait until they got out of the car to respond to a text message. Situations like this happen everyday in America. Social issues in America most of the time go unnoticed, mostly because society does not consider it an issue. If more people care about social issues, then America would be able to address them faster, and in this case less people would die. Drivers do not believe texting while driving is a problem, and this is why so many people have died because of it. No matter how old a person is at some point in time they had parents, and if this goes on more and more parents will lose a child. Distracted driving is becoming a dangerous threat to American lives. Distracted driving is like cutting a carrot without looking, it is bound to cause an accident. Distracted driving is becoming a larger epidemic due to the development of hands-free devices, exponential sales of phones, and general acceptance of using a phone while driving. America should be concerned with this problem and develop a device to block all cell reception in the car, while also allowing OnStar for emergencies.

By not addressing the problem society has allowed the problem to increase in magnitude over the years. Distracted driving has claimed several lives, and will…

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