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Accident Detection System and Vehicle Overtaking System Using Wireless Technology
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Accident Detection System and Vehicle Overtaking System Using Wireless Technology

* Introduction:- Accidents are one of the most dreaded situations in one`s life, on an average atleast one vehicular accident occur everyday around the world. It has also been observed that the most number of people die as they do not get to the hospital in time after such road accidents in highways or remote locations such as rural villages. This causes unintended loss of life. Therefore to overcome such haphazard’s we propose to development a wireless system which will reduce this problem
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This module has the capability to communicate the distance of over 10 mts with very less power. As it comes in a SMD package, it also is small in size and consumes very less standby power of 400 nA.

LCD Display : This block consists of a standard 16x2 alpha numeric lcd display, which also consumes very less power. This device is directly interfaced and run by the micro controller. The Lcd can display 2 rows of words that are 16 letters each. We can program the microcontroller to give the lcd the any information we require.

Power Supply : This block consists of a regulated dc power supply. Usually a battery in series with a 7805 ic regulator is used to supply 5V dc voltage.

* Circuit Construction :-

The circuit is developed on the pcb designed for this application. At the centre of the pcb will be the microcontroller, a 40 pin dip package. The lcd will be connected to port C and the communication module will be connected to pin no 14 (RXD) and 15 (TXD), serial interfacing of AVR. The switches and buzzer will be connected to port a of microcontroller.

* Working :-

This circuit is always on the standby mode, it will wait for inputs only then will its functioning start. As there are two types of input, the accident detection system and from the switch from user, that is the switch input for overtaking.

Suppose the circuit gets signal from accident detection systems that an accident has

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