Driverless Car Essay

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Secondary Research (Facts and Findings)
Driverless car will surely affect the sales of regular cars and it is expected, that shifting from the regular cars to driverless cars will add almost $600 billion a year in United States. The sales of Auto finance companies will also get affected due to Google car (Mui, 2013). This car will cover one-third land area of the parking lots and will prove an eco-friendly product to the society (Mui, 2013).
With the usage of this car, it is highly expected that car will reduce the lost productivity acquired from traffic deaths and injuries. Reducing this type of expense will save $78 billion annually in United States and positively affect the economy to a great extent (Laskoski, 2015). It will also affect
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Whether, there is accident or not people should be able to check whether the airbags are working properly or not. It has been found many times that at the time of accidents many airbags of the cars did not open properly leading it to the death of the passengers. But research told that if people can check their airbags then many accidental deaths can be prevented.
The research or the experiments regarding driverless vehicles have started from 1920s. In May 2014, Google has announced that the new driverless car will have no steering wheel, gas pedal brake pedal. In 2015 a survey was conducted by Delft University of Technology which includes 5000 people from 109 countries. According to the survey, 69% of the people predicted that these cars will have 50% of the market share between now and 2050. Hence these vehicles have a better future for sure (Startupproficiency, 2015).
Certain analyses regarding driverless vehicles were come into notice. The analysis shows the following
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Sometimes there may be technical default in the car and hence it will cost your life. Second thing is employment level will be high as thousands of drivers will lose their job because of this. As there will be no need of the drivers so it will also affect in country’s national income (Autonomous systems, 2015).
According to my opinion both aspects of the driverless car should be taken into consideration before launching it into the market. Appendix

List of ideas

Positive Aspects

Negative Aspect and challenges

In built Wi-Fi Hotspot
The primary benefit of this will be all passengers can connect their phones and laptops to internet data.
More connections with phones and laptops may cause data traffic and can affect the LIDAR.

3D navigation with live map streaming
Distance can measured and travelled with accuracy and rear view on screens of car.
May not work smoothly on current processor car has and can crash the system.

When it comes to safety matters, airbags will be best to be installed in car.
Sometimes airbags may not open properly and at the time of accident it will be a

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