Driver Less Cars Research Paper

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We all know about the many things that gain popularity. Some things gain popularity for almost no reason at all and other things gain popularity because they can change our daily lives. A huge way our daily lives can change is if we don’t need to drive from point A to point B and just have someone drive you there.Some people who don’t like driving will love driver less cars but people who want to be speed demons will most likely not like driver less cars so it also depends on your taste in life and what you prefer. The only thing that changes is that the car is the driver. The only problem is that they cost a lot and there are safety and legal issues that come with the self driving car.
As driving companies are just recently starting to use the self driving car,there has already been a car crash involving a self driving car. The accident was not caused by the
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A reason they may cost more is because they will have more technology and not machinery which is what a car actually has.Used cars were for people who needed a car but don’t have that much money so used cars were very convenient for many people. This is my opinion on driver less but they are subject to change. Since right now driver less cars are being tested out in the real world they can cause major issues because they are not fully optimized yet. In the future, I will personally have no problem with the driver less car because it would be nice to not drive and not worry about driving regulations but I am also very curious as to how it feels like to be behind the wheel and own a car. Also owning a car gives you more responsibilities and you are less reckless and you act more

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