Essay about Drinking Water Is A Modern World

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Drinking water is a part of the everyday lives of many Americans, except for the residents of Flint Michigan, who don’t have a choice. Clear drinking water should be a right in a modern world. However, in a Michigan town that right isn’t being meet. The local leaders in the town of Flint were having some financial issues, and instead decided to cut corners and save money. In doing this act, they jeopardize the health and wellbeing of their citizens. The local officials changed the water source from Detroit’s water system to the water that is located in the Flint River. This change was told to the residents as a temporary fix. However, it turned out to be a staple. The water from the Flint River was very coarse. This texture made the lead and other minerals from the lead pipes leak into the drinking water. The lead infected water flowed into houses, business, and hospitals in the city of Flint. Lead from the pipes can and have caused permanent health problems. Therefore, poisoning the residents of this city. The Flint water crisis deepens with an attempted cover up. The water was turning different colors after the switch to the Flint River. The taste and smell of the water also changed for the worse. The residents’ concerns grew with the increase in reports of skin rashes. (Lin 1) In response to these reports, the local officials tried to refer to the drinking water as “safe to drink.” (Lin 1) However, this didn’t stop the residents’ concerns from escalating. A few months…

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