Drinking Water And Bottled Water Essay example

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While tap water is available to many people, it is superior to bottled water in many ways. Some bottled water companies get their water from sparkling springs, but more than 25% of it comes from a municipal source (Jemmat). Price is another factor, compared to the price of gas today it costs more for a liter of bottled water than the same amount of gas. Tap water also creates a much more dependable source of water. With the use of tap water also takes away from the 81.7% of plastic bottles found in the landfill each year. Water itself seems harmless, but what is really in it? In all honesty, there is no real similarity between tap water and bottled water. About 25% of bottled water comes from a public supply. This water is then treated, purified, and then sold to us, often at a thousand fold increase in price (Jemmat). Tap water, however, comes from one of two sources; surface water which consists of lakes and rivers, as well as ground water which includes water that is used for residential wells. Those that live in large cities will typically get their water supply from rivers or lakes of the area. For smaller residential areas, groundwater from wells is used. In society, people do not hesitate to criticize and disagree about gas prices, yet no one has mentioned the price of water. Bottled water has created a great disruption in many aspects of the world. Today a fifteen-gallon tank of gas averages at about $45, however, a tank of the same size filled with bottled…

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