Drinking Too Many Sugary Drinks Essay example

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Would it be reasonable to have the government pass an official law that states the limit to how many sugary drinks we are allowed to have? Sugary drinks seem to raise a very prominent question, in the American society. To many, it may seem, not understandable but unforcedly it should be in effect in our daily lifestyles. Drinking too many sugary drinks is one of the factors that lead to obesity. There should be a ban on drinks over the size of 16 ounces, in public spaces such as restaurants, cinemas, and stadiums, etc. This will help withstand the percentage of obesity in our nation.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has already approved to the limiting of sugary drinks since 2012. It is definitely a great way to combat obesity not completely, but it is taking a step forward. Many may see this as infringing consumers ' rights as a society, but it 's only taken us a step to having a healthier society. Sugary drinks are definitely a big reason why there are so many obese people. Over the years companies have been making larger and larger cups of sugary drinks for better prices, allowing people to drink more of them for a cheaper price.

The United States of America have been ranked with one of the highest percentages of obesity. Thousands of people are just addicted to sugar. Coca-Cola, the most popular sugary drink, contains 140 calories in a 355ml can. To burn those calories you would have to consider exercising for approximately thirty minutes. If the serving size is…

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