Drinking Bottles Should Be Banned Essay

1031 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Alpha Beta H2O While the thought of going to buy a bottle of water while at college could ultimately sound refreshing, it could also be impossible. The thought continues as people decide whether or not to ban the sale of water bottles on the campuses of colleges and universities. The sale of water bottles on campuses should continue. Water bottles are useful in many ways and are used in everyday life. One could imagine walking in a store and having a thirst and just grabbing a bottle of water. Water bottles should be sold on campuses for reasons such as: many would agree the taste of tap water is unsatisfying; bottles are portable; and having bottled water keeps a decrease on the sale and intake of sweetened drinks. Students should have access to bottled water on campuses and not just tap water. The taste of water differs among the container, area, origin, and ingredients. Due to a recent ‘taste testing,’ one could appoint the difference between tap and bottled water. Tap water had more of a “chlorine, bleach, and strong” flavor (Water Tasting). Water is uniquely a hydrating genius. “Campuses could limit down the number of types of water bottles sold. A review of factors influencing public perception of drinking water in the UK determined that taste may be the key issue for choice of drinking water, as the public may relate taste, along with color and odor of water, to health risks, leading consumers to choose bottled water over tap water for drinking”…

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