Drinking And Driving Should Stop Drunk Driving Essay

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No one in this world wants to lose a family member to a drunk driver. Drinking and driving should not happen in the United States. Bars should take more actions, people need to plan ahead of time before going out and learn to limit themselves on how many drinks and money spent or the people should start a program for people just turning twenty one on drinking and driving and the consequences. Most people do not realize the great risk of drunk driving to ones life or others. Take more time to look at driving under the influence and making the streets safer. There are different ways people can prevent drunk driving. Bar owners and bouncers can help in different ways to prevent people from leaving the bar too intoxicated to drive home. Bouncers and bar owners can watch people leave the establishment, have breathalyzers at the door, and see if a friend can or cannot take them home,or call cabs. Bar owners should watch people leave the bar to be sure no one is too intoxicated to drive home. If someone is to wasted the bar owner should be sure to sober the person up before letting he or she leave. A bouncer should be placed at the door with a breathalyzer test to be sure no one leaves over the legal limit. This can help limit the drunk driving accidents and DUI occurring in the U.S. Bar owners should enforce rules or make up rules themselves to keep people safe. Bouncers can help in many ways. Bouncers can watch people in and out of the bar to make sure no fights occur…

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