Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Essay

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Drinking Age should be lowered from 21 to 18
There is no taboo subject in America quote like underage drinking. The principal problem is not the age of drinking, but the hidden binge side of it. When it comes to the law, there is always an opinion. A reform should be made about the age of drinking for numerous reasons in my personal viewpoint. In the U.S, at the age of 18, one can legally vote, buy cigarettes, and join the army, to cite a few things. Going against the law, critics recommend allowing 18-year-olds to drink, and consider their age to have the rights and the same power as 21-year-olds. If an 18 years old is allowed to sign a lease, join the military, vote, and buy cigarettes. At the same agreement an 18-year- olds should be allowed to purchase and drink alcohol. The actual drinking age is 21-years-olds, but the underage drinking percentage would drop if the age is lowered. The way to deal with underage consumption is to allow those who are eighteen to drink and buy legally alcohol.
If we want to stop the alarming rise in the number of high school and college kids abusing alcohol, we have to figure out first why they 're doing it. (Ruth Ann.). There are many reasons of teens drinking, such as: enjoyment, stress, social groups, etc. In countries where socialization to drinking is the norm, teens learn how to drink with moderation and avoid to get drunk. Imagine a young boy who started drinking on his early 16 in France with the consent of the parents that should…

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