When Should The Drinking Age Be Twenty-21?

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In the public eye people view alcohol as something you are not mature enough to handle until you are twenty-one (Van Tuyl), but when people are eighteen they are viewed differently in a sense that they are adults. Voting is allowed, service in the military, serving on juries, holding public office, flying airplanes, and signing contracts are all permitted. If at age eighteen people can do a numerous amount of extra circulars with greater responsibility and maturity, but are not aloud to drink a beer, people will start to question. A common opinion that is incorrect is the “magic-age” being twenty one, because that is when the body has reached its peak on development. It is incorrect in fact, as most medical studies prove maturity is a gradual …show more content…
The consumption of alcohol is a problem, but the main issue that should be recognized is if lowering it would increase safety externally and even internally. Obviously alcohol is never a healthy thing and many health issues will come out of it if it is abused, but maybe lowering the legal drinking age will help with that too! If people are uneducated about alcohol when they reach the legal drinking age, wouldn’t worse effects happen because they are unsure of the content and how it makes the mind and feel? What about drinking and driving? When people are introduced to alcohol at twenty-one, hopefully people are educated enough to not drink and drive, but it’s still an issue today! Would decreasing the drinking age lower the percentage of intoxicated driving? Think about this - if someone is unaware of how it makes them feel when they turn twenty-one, they might think they are not even drunk yet, and they are capable of driving so they do and what happens next? They are in danger and so is everyone externally. It is shocking that people are able to drive before learning your tolerance too. It should not be an age factor either, alcohol makes you feel different, older or not, and even when the age is twenty-one people still make mistakes, learning the content younger gives you a more understanding feel and look on it. Now a common mental disorder is alcoholism, it means when someone is dependent on …show more content…
Alcohol should be something people can be mature enough to handle at eighteen. People are recognized as adults at eighteen and if they can be mature enough to handle alcohol over a great deal of responsibility such as voting and flying airplanes than what is their reasoning? Everyone 's body grows all throughout life, and will continue to grow and mature even in their thirties. If introducing at a younger age, like eighteen, people learn in a safe environment they could learn the responsibilities of drinking, lowering the drinking age would decrease drinking and driving incidents, alcoholism, and intoxication accidents occurring on college

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