Drinking Age At Ontario Should Not Be Raised Essay

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Drinking age in Ontario
When were you introduced to your first sip of alcohol? Many countries around the world do not have a drinking enforcement, whereas in more developed countries, drinking ages can range to as grand as 19. This depressant is commonly used for an abundance of reasons, it has the ability to help you lose sense of reality subsequently boosting one 's mood for a short-term. Due to the highly controversial debates throughout the years, Ontario governments contrast upon whether to raise the legal drinking consumption age to 21. The drinking age in Ontario should not be raised, due to the fact that 19-year olds are capable of being accountable for their alcohol consumption, the positive affects on the economy will be significantly lowered, and is also crucial to ensure that young adults who are drinking are situated in controlled environments.
Firstly, the drinking age currently signifies that adults are mature enough for their decisions and judgement as they are above the age of majority, therefore altering the drinking age is not vital. Moreover, before having the approval to purchase alcohol legally, 19-year olds are compelled to determine their life intentions. For example, one can die and kill for their country at 17, they have every right to vote at 18, are competent on living on their own, as well as, putting themselves into greater risk by driving. Secondly, raising the drinking age will not prevent underage drinking, but will kindle those to drink…

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