Drilling Operation and Methods Essay

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By Geor ge S r, Jr. C chneide MfgE

Cutting Tool Applications

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Chapter 9 Drilling Methods & Machines
9.1 Introduction
One of the
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The sensitive drilling machine construction features are discussed in this section because its features are common to most other drilling machines. Base: The base is the main supporting member of the machine. It is heavy gray iron or ductile iron casting with slots to support and hold work that is too large for the table Column: The round column may be

FIGURE 9.3: A table mounted sensitive drill used for drilling small holes. (Courtesy Clausing Industries, Inc.)

9.2.3 Radial Drill
For handling medium to very large size

FIGURE 9.2: a) a sensitive drill press is used for drilling holes; b) speeds on a stepped V pulley drive are changed by hanging the position of the V belt; c) speeds on a variablespeed drive mechanism are changed by the handwheel on the head. (Courtesy Clausing Industries, Inc.)
2 Tooling & Production/Chapter 9

made of gray cast iron or ductile iron for larger machines, or steel tubing for smaller bench drill presses. It supports the table and the head of the drilling machine. The outer surface is machined to function as a precision way of aligning the spindle with the table. Table: The table can be adjusted up or down the column to the proper height. It can also be swiveled around the column to the desired working position. Most worktables have slots and holes for mounting vises and other work-holding

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