Drexel University Dining Essays

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James Kirwan and Joey Mannarino

John Borczon

English 102


Drexel Dining Not Meeting Basic Needs

As any college student knows, the quality of a school’s dining hall is extremely important. To be successful as students, it is an absolute must that a student is strong and healthy. One of the keys to being strong and healthy is a healthy and balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods. At Drexel, we are being deprived of this necessity. While we do have a dining hall that is open for most of our day, actually eating there is an issue. For all freshmen at Drexel, a dining plan is required. There are three different traditional meal plans, ranging from a hefty $1,830 to $1,915. All three traditional plans revolve
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Norovirus is a highly contagious virus usually transmitted through undercooked food and occasionally direct contact with an infected person. The student who contracted the norovirus ended up being sent to the ER. In the Drexel Facebook group there are posts weekly that complain about food poisoning or stomach aches caused from this dining hall. One of those students is Maggie Heath-Bourne. She “personally know[s] a good deal of people who have gotten sick” from this dining center. She was unable to attend her Wednesday classes. Maggie also positive that the dining center caused her illness “because [she] had been really rushed at the beginning of the week and only had time to go [to the Hans] on Monday and Tuesday, [and she] got sick on Wednesday.” Since the university basically requires its freshman to eat at this dining hall, something needs to be done. There is no reason students should be scared for their health by eating at their own dining hall. The issues above are absolutely unacceptable for our dining hall, but in actuality, these are issues faced by quite a few dining halls around the country. In examining the various dining halls that have had problems there seems to be one common thread- the food production company Sodexo. We asked friends of ours how satisfied they were with their dining halls. Those who were happy with their dining

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