Dress Code For The School Essay example

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Dress Code is one of the biggest issues that public schools face. There are two opposing sides for the issue. One side sees that having a Dress Code for the school is very helpful for the students, not only academically but to help keep the students equal. The other side of the issue sees Dress Code as a way for student not being able to show free speech. Female students feel they are being categorized as a distraction because of what they wear. It should be noted that Dress Codes and School Uniforms are different; School Uniforms might require a button-down shirt and ties for boys, pleated skirts for the girls and blazers, whereas Dress Codes may allow only certain types of shirts without images and certain length dresses and skirts. Dress Code is an issue that has been going on for the past decade, with several cases coming to the surface; parents, schools, and student wonder if the issue will ever be resolved.
Dress Code has many positive issues that could make it very useful for the students’ academic learning, as well as for the prevention of bullying. Many administrators believe that having Dress Codes prevents students focusing too much on how they look and for them to focus more on learning. They also believe that having Dress Code prevents students to have the feeling to “fit in”, because they are all wearing the same thing. According to school-reported statistics, the mandate of having a Dress Code on campuses has reduced tardiness, skipped classes, suspensions,…

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