Dress Code : A Critical Look Essay

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Dress Code: a Critical Look
The school bell rings, and the students all file into their first class. The teacher enters the classroom and looks them over with a critical eye. “Smith!” The teacher points at the only kid in the room that is different. Amidst the sea of brown, black, and blonde hair, hers is a bright, fluorescent, pink. Her cheeks heat and she stops trying to pull her homework out of her bag. Some of her classmates snicker as the teacher orders her to the Principal 's office, while some cast her envious or sympathetic looks; Envious because she’d dared to disobey dress code, and sympathetic because she would likely be suspended for the rest of the day as punishment. While this particular situation is a hypothetical, there are plenty like it in our nation’s history of dress code and uniforms in public schools. The restrictions placed on a student’s dress, as well as the punishment for violation of those restrictions, are hardly fair.
We live in a quickly changing world. New discoveries are made every day, nations rise and fall with a few words, and trends change in the blink of an eye. As the status quo changes, the rules that govern it should, too. The arguments of those in favor of keeping dress code have been written, re-written, stated, restated, argued, debated, and rationalized for years. It is time for them to be revisited once more, but with the eyes of a new society. The holes in the proponents of dress code’s arguments need to be explored to their…

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