Dreams And Dreams : Dreams Essay

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Dream On- understanding dreams
Dreams are stories in the mind that happens during sleep. They can be interesting and can bring out many emotions like happiness, sadness, or anger (dreams: why we dream, lucid dreaming, nightmares, common dreams and more). Dreams usually relate to real life experiences. Around two thirds of dreams are visual, but we also have a few dreams that involve sounds, tastes, smells, and movement.(Facts About Dreams). Although Scientists debate on what the significance of dreams are, they have come up with a few general ideas. Some believe that dreams sort out which memories to store and help us solve problems. Others think that dreaming has no meaning (Handagard).
Scientists say that when people are awake, they think in ideas, and when they are asleep, they think pictures(Facts About Dreams). Although people might not be aware of it, most of their dreams are in color. The reason some people may not remember seeing their dreams in color is either because they find it hard to recall their dreams or because color is a natural part of our vision. People who remember seeing color in their dreams, most likely notice and are aware to color in real life (Common Questions About Dreams).
Scientists have discovered patterns in the brain and muscle activity, and they then divided it into five stages of sleep. The first stage of sleep lasts for about one to seven minutes and this is when it is easy to be woken up. The second stage of sleep is when it…

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