Dream Job : Caseworker, Predominantly Working With Children And Young People

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Dream Job: Caseworker, predominantly working with children and young people.
Substantive Selection Criteria: Proven ability to relate to and work with children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
I believe through studying a Bachelor of Human Services/Justice at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) I will gain the experience and skills necessary to fulfil this criterion. Both areas of study will assist me in understanding the difficulties youth faces in society and the most appropriate way to support them. Human services will teach me about everyday people in need, social issues and how to best provide assistance to individuals. In my 2nd and 4th year I complete units tailored to understanding child development and skills relevant to working with children, such as SWB204 Introduction to Child and Family Services and SWB304 Child Protection and Family Practice (assisting me in learning how to relate to and work with children). Justice teaches me about the justice system and its policies. In my 3rd year I undertake JSB372 Youth Justice that educates me in youth justice and the corresponding policies (assisting me in understanding the system that deals with youth).
In addition, I plan to undertake work placements and volunteering to further develop my ability to work with children. Through my university I will undertake work placement in my 3rd and 4th year. I aim to assume placement in youth centres both in Australia and overseas, where I…

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