Dream Interpretation Speech Essay

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Topic: Dream Interpretation
Specific purpose: After hearing my speech, the audience will be able to explore more about one’s dream and start to understand how their own dreams work.
Central idea: The meaning of dream interpretation and how it really works?
First of all, have anyone here seen or experienced something that you might think is already happened somewhere before? I myself also experienced this kind of experience. If so, I hope that my speech can explain more and help you all to understand more about what happened and how is it relate to your dream. Of course, I will have to go over some basic stuff while hoping that everyone will stay awake. 1. So what is dream interpretation?
Dream interpretation or
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c. Dream symbols description and understanding them i. Dream theme
The next step of dream interpretation involves writing a brief description on each of the dream symbols you have identified.
Once you have your descriptions done, you can focus on identifying the theme of your dream.
Every dream has a theme, and without understanding the theme you will be at a loss to understand the individual elements within.
Theme examples are:
• being chased
• losing something
• being naked in public

ii. Dream feeling
Once you have your theme, you need to focus on how you felt the whole time this theme was playing out.
• What was the overall feeling of the dream?
• Was there desperation as you were searching for something you couldn’t find?
• Were you exhilarated at the new ability of flying you had just discovered?
• Were you scared because a vampire was chasing you?
• Write down briefly what the overall feeling of the dream was.

Conclusion: By taking a closer look at your dreams and by trying to understand what particular images mean to you, and by trying to find some parallels between these images and your waking life, you will begin to understand the meaning of dreams. Remember that to become proficient at analyzing your dreams you need to practice. Don't expect for it to be

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