Dream A Little Dream Of Me Essay

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The two songs I chose to analyse were;
Dream a little dream of me – Fabian Andre & Wilbur Schwandt ~ A song from the 1930’s Jazz/Folk genre, and
Working class man – Jimmy Barnes ~ A song from the 1980’s Rock genre.
Although these songs are over 50 years apart, and from very different styles of and time periods, there can still be found many similarities, as well as differences, between the lyrics and layout of the song.
The audience of both these songs appeals to the ‘middle class’ society, but ‘Dream a little dream of me’ appeals to a wider range of people. The style of Jazz appealed to a wide range of people in this time period, many different age groups, and just groups of society in general. Its lyrics were very relatable and enjoyable to most people in that time period, speaking of love, a thing many people felt they had or were looking for. The attitude in culture of that time period was that to be in love, or married, was normal and expected, and it was something many artists used to inspire their work.
‘Working class man’, in comparism, had a very clear concise audience. The title, in fact, gives us insight to whom the song is written for. The song itself is about the working class man, and depicts a generalised stereotype of an Australian worker, his life, and why he is a ‘legend of his kind.’ The music style also gives us clues to the audience, as in this time period, music tastes weren’t as similar. There were more music styles, and this song was a part of a newer…

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