Drawing Wendy's Room

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Instead of drawing Wendy’s room where Peter Pan had first arrived, it shows her during the end of the book where she is grown up, with her daughter Jane. I thought that Jane would have similar character as Wendy, so most things in Jane’s room, would be things Wendy also would have had in her room when she was her age. Though by doing this through Jane’s room, it more clearly shows Wendy as a mother, (since she had adapted a motherly personality even at a young age). In the picture, it shows her sewing, (with her sewing kit). This represents Wendy as a “motherly figure” (Barrie, 67). She is a motherly figure because even before she took care of the lost boys, she helped and took care of her brothers, John and Michael (Barrie, 59). In the beginning …show more content…
On the desk are supposed to be a book and artwork. Above Wendy and the bookcase is also another painting. Wendy, who didn't want to grow up, had a more imaginative and open personality (Barrie, 1). “As time goes by, characters create internal and external connections which make memories of experiences changing the character's identity.” The drawing can support the statement because the sentence talks about how time can change and influence a person's identity, and when Wendy went to Neverland, she had been creating important memories and experiences that impacted her identity and decisions. If something different happened, her decision whether to stay or leave might have been different (Barrie, 108-109). If something different happened, she might not have had Jane, and this impacts what her identity was. An example of internal and external connections that can be shown on the drawing is Peter Pan outside the window and the painting of Captain Hook. They are both internal and external because she had physically been with her, but they had also impacted her childhood. This had changed her identity because instead of staying at Neverland, she had grown up and had Jane, which is visually shown, in the

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