Essay on Drama Room Behind The Cafeteria

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In the dusty, air conditioned, drama room behind the cafeteria, I was taught a very important lesson that took three years to learn, and the rest of my life to remember. I never realized that one sentence could be so powerful. When I first heard the famous quote, I never knew it would become apart of me. Little did I know the relevance it would have in terms of my life, in the years following. I would carry those words with me and let them guide me through my decisions up to today. The bell signifying that it was 2:45 in the afternoon, meant that the sixth grade exploratory classes had ended, and that it was time to go back to core classes. I could hear the hustle and bustle through the blue entrance doors of the students being released from class. I grabbed the cold metal legs of my chair and flipped it upside down before putting it on the desk where I was sitting. Before I laid the seat of my chair on the wooden desk, I heard my AVID teacher, Ms. Banner, list the reminders out for the class. While she read them, I tried to recall the reminders so I could remember them later. No one really cared to listen to her announcements except to hear what was due the next day. All the class really cared about was catching up with their friends in the hallway to talk about the latest gossip. Ms. Banner quickly saw the irrelevance she was to the other students, and screamed “STOP!” The whole class froze and turned to look at her standing in the front of the room. “I have two…

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