Becoming An Officer In PPCHS Charter High School

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As the 2015 to 2016 school year comes to a close and the seniors prepare to leave Pembroke Pines Charter High School and venture off to do bigger and greater things, they leave their legacy and positions behind. Soon, the grueling task of choosing the next candidates that can live up to the high expectations left from the graduating officers will be here. Being an officer for any club is a difficult task and that takes leadership and determination, I believe that I possess not only these qualities, but also additional ones that will make me a perfect candidate for an officer’s position in PPCHS’ drama department. I am experienced in high positions, I am dedicated to service, and I would not be who I am today without drama.
I am qualified to
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Although I have been in the drama program since my freshman year, I did not originally want to take drama. Initially in my freshman year, I was in H.O.P.E., but since I had already taken the class online, my guidance counselor changed my schedule to take drama instead. To be honest, I was upset because I have never been an extroverted person, only to my closest friends. Once I heard I had to write a monologue and perform it to the class, I am not going to lie but I cried myself to sleep those past few nights because I had never done anything like that before. Once the end of freshman year came, I had fallen in love with the class, yes I still got knots in my stomach before I got up on stage, but I liked it. During sophomore year, I had a scheduling mix-up and I was placed into the advanced drama 1 class instead of drama 2, so I basically repeated another year of drama 1, which was not a lot of fun. But something great came out of it; I met my best friend Victoria. She was also misplaced in her scheduling like me. Moving forward towards the end of my junior year, I was chosen to be stage manager and light board operator of High School Musical. I never would have known how much fun it was to be calling all of the shots from behind the scenes and meeting such amazing people in the process if I never left my H.O.P.E. class freshman

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