Essay on Draft Zero : Writing Process Analysis

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Draft zero: Writing Process Analysis My writing process is emotional. It is like a beautiful piece of art being made out of pain. Every single one of us takes different methods or steps in our writing process. Mine could be improved with simple anxiety therapy! And more time to do things. My writing process is a step by step method. Consisting of first I gather my material that I need; Paper, sharpened pencils, a snack, a radio with CD’s, a blanket or sheet, and a big or multiple Chai Tea Lattes. Second I make sure whether I am in comfortable clothes according to my two writing places. In my room I would be most comfortable in my undergarments. At my outside place depending if the weather is about at least 40 degrees or above I will be in a pair of Soffe cheers shorts and a tank top that may expose more than it should. If it is under 40 degrees I will be in thick pajama pants or thermals and long sleeve shirt with a jacket. Third I take the time to make sure I have used the bathroom, washed hands, and I damp my face from any stress sweat from already thinking about what I am writing. Fourth I grab my snack (something like a bag of chips/cereal or something that can be sealed and not out of the fridge) and I get just one big one or multiple Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks beforehand. Fifth I grab a blanket or a sheet because I like to either wrap myself in it or lay on it on the ground. Sixth depends on my writing place I make myself as comfortable as possible outside I…

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