Essay on Dr Zimbardo 's The Stanford Experiment

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Phillip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford experiment where 24 physiologically and physically healthy males where randomly selected half would be prisoners and the other half prisoner guards. To make the experiments as real as possible, they had the prisoner participants arrested at their homes. The experiment took place in the basement of the Stanford University into a temporary made prison.

The prisoners were given prison uniforms and number. The prisoners were subjected to numbers over their names and required to remember their names as ordered by the guards. When they reached the prison, they were blindfolded, stripped naked and forced to wear a dress as humiliation and entrainment for the guards. The first day went well. Next day prisoners protested by staying in the prison and not following the guards order. The guards were shocked and choose to subject the prisoners that didn’t follow their orders to push-ups, humiliation and confinement. Others didn’t want to go through these harsh punishments so sadly they followed their sick authoritative power. Zimbardo was the superintend of the guards but didn’t actually fully comprehend the horror taking place by the guards so he just let it happen.

The prisoners became extremely stressed with two leaving the experiment. However, the experiment ended in five days as Zimbardo girlfriend had him end it as she picked up the actual horror that was taken place in the mock prison by the guards.

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