Essay about Dr Tylor 's Care Plan For Fall Prevention

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The nursing philosophies articulate the human relation between health, and environment framework comprising with personal values and beliefs. This essay will discuss three nursing philosophy of care and significance in Mr Tylor’s care plan for fall prevention. Moreover, the essay will entail, different assessments, health problem consequences on fall risk, interventions and its evaluation of Mr Tylor’s care.
The three most common philosophical approaches are person-centred care, holistic care and nursing process of care approach. Person-centred care is the first philosophical approach that furnishes health and social services that accomplish personal needs by planning, developing and monitoring care by assigning patients and their family at the heart of decisions to acquire the best care (Levett-Jones, 2014). The holistic care approach refers to, promoting health and wellness, providing healing and eliminating or preventing sufferings. Consequently, holistic care practice targets the whole person, not only targets physical treatments, involves social, mental, spiritual, emotional, environmental and cultural aspects along with family and friends support (Dempsey, Hill, & Hillege, 2014; Goeman, Koch, Fogerty, & Collister, 2015). The last nursing process of care approach is, an organised, imperative problem-solving approach to assessing, identifying and treating the patient problems. That involves a framework for analysing, initiating and implementing nursing intervention for…

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