Essay on Dr. Sonnenberg 's Lecture

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Dr. Sonnenberg’s lecture explores how a doctor’s environment affects medical practice. He produced a well thought out argument that incites discussion of the topic he presents, and provided a few examples that supply insight into his ideas. Specifically, the Dora case, the social construct of gender, the social construct of a doctor’s superiority, and religion are examples of a doctor’s medical practice being shaped by the environment that surrounds it.
Dr. Sonnenberg’s statements about Freud’s analysis of Dora are well founded. According to the article “Our Wounds, Our Duty,” doctors “take in the pain of their patients. They share it, reshape it, and help integrate it” into a post-traumatic world (Palaima and Sonnenberg 1). Freud, despite his medical expertise, was not able to do this for Dora because of the environment in which he practiced. Freud psychoanalyzed a woman in the 1900s and diagnosed her with hysteria due to his dismissal of the patient’s psychological trauma. Dora had been sexually abused by her father and a friend of her father, and when she touched on this subject during her session with Freud, he seemed to miss the fact that she was attempting to assert her experience and feelings. Freud’s unresponsiveness to her personal traumatic experience resulted in Dora discontinuing her analysis by Freud. He believed her lack of providing further information was Dora’s Oedipus complex, which caused her current medical symptoms. He also assumed none of the events she…

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