Dr. Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of The Unconscious Essay

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When it comes to dream interpretation the first to come to mind is usually the well-known Mr. Sigmund Freud. Freud created that stepping stone regarding the hidden meaning of dreams. A supporter of his for some time, Carl Jung used the fundamentals presented by Freud to create his own psychological theory of the unconscious. He used the same structured concept of Freud’s unconscious principle but named it the personal unconscious. One of his novel ideas however, was the collective unconscious and how within our deepest thoughts we create these archetypes to protect us from the outside world. The collective unconscious heavily impacts our dreams in a subjective level filled with symbols trying to connect the inner mind with the awakened soul. At some degree these hidden symbols help the individual find what they need for the future to satisfies their inner needs. Jung called this notion the prospective method. Thus, a common theme in Jung’s analytical approach is focusing on the person’s psyche in a way that it completes the individual by having a sense of wholeness. As mentioned above, Jung introduced this personal unconscious which share many similarities to what Freud believed to be the unconscious. The part of mind where thoughts are so repressed that it is stored outside of our awareness. The information placed in the unconscious are very much unavailable. These feelings and memories are usually related to a specific theme, in which Jung calls them complexes. As more…

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