Essay on Dr. Sharon Moalem And Jonathan Prince

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Dr. Sharon Moalem and Jonathan Prince both collaborated on the New York Times bestseller, Survival of the Sickest, which discusses how organisms surpassed their challenges through methods of evolution or medicine. The human race evolved and used medicine to combat the environment and the invaders trying to enter their body. One form of invader was Malaria, a disease spread from host to host by female mosquitos. Some invaders are already embedded in our DNA like the disease hemochromatosis. This disease is inherited from ancestors and isn’t contagious unlike other invaders. Another disease, Diabetes, is where the body produces no insulin. This disease can be triggered because it is either inherited, caused by the environment, diet, or infections. Evolution and medicine helped us prosper through these diseases and survive.
“Malaria is an infectious disease that infects as many as 500 million people every year, killing more than 1 million of them” (88). Malaria attacks the blood in your body through infected mosquito bites. The symptoms of Malaria are fever and chills, vomiting, joint pain, and anemia. Malaria was originally discovered in Africa and around the Mediterranean. This disease greatly impacted the eastern part of the world because of its severity. Humanity impacted from this disease by gaining new technology from going great lengths to find a cure for this disease. For example, in 1850, a Florida doctor named John Gorrie created an invention never seen before in his…

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