Dr. Rose As An Elder Woman Who Is A Registered Nurse And Very Well Aware About Health Care

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Chlorhexidine There are many facts in this scenario starting with Dr. Rose being an elder woman who is a registered nurse and very well aware about health care and medication associated with allergies. Dr. Rose has previous encounter with chlorhexidine which she is allergic to from previous medical procedures. Dr. Rose is well aware of letting everyone know of her allergies as she has followed receptions request in updating her medical forms. Dr. Rose is caring nebulizer with her in case she comes in contact with chlorhexidine by accident. The receptionist not translating the allergies to a hygienist might be a fact. The hygienist being so young and not having much experience or knowledge of chlorhexidine might have dismissed the allergy alert or simply might not have gotten the updated allergy information. The hygienist was very polite in the matter of referring to Dr. Rose as “dear” sympathy towards elderly. The dentist has done a right thing by offering epinephrine after hearing what is happening. Chrissy protesting that it is not the same chlorhexidine that is used in the hospital to Dr. Rose and the dentist was not very professional on her part. Chrissy has shown implicit bias behavior toward Dr. Rose which affected the treatment of her teeth cleaning and be looked as health disparities. It would have been best for Chrissy to be more empathetic towards Dr. Rose’s requests and concerns which went on ignored. The fact that Chrissy did call to see how Dr. Rose is doing…

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