Dr. R. Joseph Essay

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Yash Parikh
HA 96S- 13
Mrs. R. Joseph
Struggles Are Real.
Life is like long walk on the road. You encounter several obstacles on the way, but you have neglect those obstacles and just carry on forward. These struggles in our lives play an important role in transforming our lives, especially from stupidity to maturity. One such example would be my interviewee with Mukesh Shah, 58, a self-made man, who has overcome many struggles in his early adulthood. As a child, he was the troublemaker amongst all of his siblings. But as the time passed, his family undergo into a crisis economically and emotionally. As an adult, he went through some harsh conditions for his family, because he realized the importance of love and support that his family provided to him. As a result, he overcome every obstacles, which brought an unbelievable changes in his life. Through this interview, I have noticed that my uncle’s transformation has led an inspiring tale, from which we can learn a few important principles of life.
1. What was your childhood like? According to his parents, when he was a kid, he was always the most responsible one amongst his three sisters and a brother. But, it turned out that he was also the most mischievous child amongst his brother and sisters. For instance, during his school days, he would lock his brother inside the washroom, so that his brother will always be late for school. In 1960’s, an instance of his mischievous behavior occurred back in India. Back then…

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