Dr. Pope Francis And Naomi Klein Essay

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Environmental issues have been the talk of the town by many public figures recently, but it does not always seem to “stick” in the minds of the viewers. Both Pope Francis and Naomi Klein discuss the topic in great detail, but take different approaches in convincing their readers. Klein seems to evokes a great deal of negativity in her book, to the point where it questions the reader’s own actions and almost makes them feel that they are partially to blame for the current state of Earth. Pope Francis on the other hand takes a more kind approach where he still discusses the negative impact humans are having on Earth, but he claims that we can save it, and almost seems to be bringing people together for the cause, in a more supportive manner. Even though they take two different approaches to the same issue, their overall goal is still to save the environment from its imminent destruction of human pollution. Whether one is to follow Pope Francis’s lead or Klein’s, is up to the reader and their views on how the situation should be dealt with.
Pope Francis is one of the few popes that has made environmental issues a public concern. Previously, there were not many commercial figures that managed to bring environmental matters to the eyes of everyday people. With the influence of Pope Francis, there may be a change in the way people start to think about environmental concerns. He stated that, “due to an ill-considered exploitation of nature, humanity runs the risk of destroying…

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