Dr. Martin's Office Essay examples

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Dr. Martin’s Office

Seeking a Referral
The professor was not feeling well. In fact, on that Tuesday afternoon, he had felt tired and generally “down” physically. During the fifteen-minute drive home from work, he developed slight nausea and gastric discomfort. When he reached home he headed for the bathroom. For the next several hours, he experienced severe diarrhea and recurring waves of nausea and vomiting. After a few hours, the nausea had subsided somewhat, but the gastric distress persisted through most of what proved to be a long night.

On the following morning, the professor called the office of his primary care physician,
Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin’s nurse, Betty, came on the line. The professor detailed his
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Collecting Some Information
As the professor thought about the conversation, he got angrier. He did not like being told that he could not choose his own health provider, given that his primary care provider was not available. Besides, HealthCheck was much less expensive than the hospital emergency room. He decided to call the Employee Benefits Office at the University to get their views on the episode. His call was taken by Wendy, the Assistant Director of Staff Benefits.

The professor related the background of the situation to Wendy and described the results of the call to Dr. Martin’s office. Wendy expressed surprise that a doctor who was an approved primary provider with the University’s health plan would refuse to approve someone going to HealthCheck if the doctor could not see the patient. “If you can hold on a minute, I’ll ask Candy about it,” she said.

Candy was the Director of the Employee Benefits Office. After a minute Wendy came back on the phone. “Candy said she was surprised and distressed that Dr. Martin would not refer you to HealthCheck, especially since you requested this. The idea behind the recent changes in the University’s health care plan was to cut costs, and this action was certainly cheaper than the hospital’s emergency room. After all, the University’s plan is self-insured. The faculty and staff ultimately pay all the bills. Professor, Candy said that we could call the doctor’s office if you wanted

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