Dr. Martin Luther King 's The Mountaintop Essay

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In a small run-down motel room, with the sound of rain hitting the window, sits a tired man. “I’ve seen the promise land," he says. Despite including powerful words of a strong leader, the play The Mountaintop is disappointing. The play, The Mountaintop written by American playwright Katori Hall, performed at the Cleveland Playhouse, is based off what could have happened between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Mountaintop speech and his assassination. All taking place in his Lorraine Motel room. No one will ever know what happened between the two events, but Katori Hall tells one possibility, making for an interesting watch. Dr. King will forever be remembered as a peaceful activist bringing considerable changes to America. The Mountaintop is a play to remember what an influential man he was. The play starts off as King returning back to his old, worn out motel room. The look of the motel room might be slightly unrealistic with size, but the scene brings you in as if you are actually in the room. As he is walking in, you can see the rain pouring outside through the windows, with each thunder making you jump. As he settles in he decides to call for room service. Although there are only two characters, it is enough to hold your interest, showing you that King and the maid are just like us. Camae is a maid at the Lorraine Motel there to deliver King a coffee. From the beginning of their conversation you feel an instant connection and almost a sense of intimacy. The playwright…

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