Essay about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remain as one of the most prominent figures of United States history for addressing issues of social justice plaguing our society on a national scale. Dr. King’s impact in the Civil Rights Movement reappears each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and during Black History month. American culture remembers Dr. King solely for few significant moments in his life, such as his “I have a dream speech” and March on Washington. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is viewed from a one-dimensional way, as the ideal symbol of achieving equality in the nation, but in reality he has a different image that society doesn’t publicize which hinders the social progress of the black community. Yes, Dr. King is pro-Christian, anti-racist, and served as the leading voice for racial justice, but he also questioned the church’s structure, treated women unfairly, and exposed more evils than racism deeply rooted in American society. It is important to think critically and learn about other key and significant facts about Dr. King’s life to understand the full context of Dr. King’s dream and realize that it is far from fulfilled.
Dr. King was a Christian minister and member of the church, who believed “the true practice of Christianity could be a dynamic and transforming force in the life of the individual as well as the whole of the society” (Scott King 6). Dr. King was strongly influenced by the social gospel, driving the black community to love their enemies and pray for those…

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