Dr. Mark R. Rank Essay

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According to Dr. Mark R. Rank, best-selling author and professor of social welfare at Washington University, the problem of poverty is more widespread and diverse than the images displayed by the media portray. Rather than being an issue affecting few people over the long-term, Dr. Rank proposes that many are affected by the hardships of poverty over short periods of time. Through proposing a moderate claim and well-informed acknowledgements emphasizing the widespread problem of poverty and employing logical reasoning to support his claim, Dr. Rank provides a slight foundation for his hypothesis. Unfortunately, due to vague reasons and unsound evidence, as well as unavoidable warrants, Dr. Rank’s argument lacks much of the credibility necessary for supporting his theory of widespread poverty and the misconceptions that surround it. Initially, Dr. Rank presents what seems to be an incredibly strong claim concerning the widespread “myths and misconceptions” of poverty. While his point is valid, the overall idea is not explicitly contestable, unless you contest his nitpicky reasons. For example, one may be able to contest his reasons concerning the specific elements of the stereotypes, such as the emphasis he places on blaming the problem of poverty on the people rather than the government, saying that “poverty is an issue of us, rather than an issue of them (the government).” However, even still he contradicts himself earlier in his essay, saying that part of the reason…

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