Dr. King 's Letter Essay

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Dr. King wrote this letter in the Birmingham jail, during that time there was a nonviolent campaing. King audience was an open letter to the public, and to response to a public statement of the eight white leaders of the south and clergymen. The purposed of this letter was to inform the clergymen of his remorse that the demonstration was taking place in Birmingham. King felt,“that the white community power structure left the African American community with no alternative.”. King uses rhetorical strategies such as ethos, logo, and pathos to prove his argument.
2. A. King gives three reasons for why nothing can interfere to work as a civil right activist in Birmingham even though he is not a resident there. First reason, he is president of the Southen Christian leadership Conference, which is an organization that operates in the southern state, and Alabaman invited him. Second reason he compares himself with the Apostle Paul, who was called to predict the gospel of freedom in Birmingham. Third reason King points out, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
B. King said, “that the white power structure of Birmingham left no other alternative.”because of the violence, continued racist practices of local merchants, and the unfair political leader to negotiate. King used his four basic steps: “collection of the facts, negotiation, self purification, and direct action.”
C. King made a case for the value of direct action in general. He explains that his group…

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