Dr. King 's Legacy Today Essay

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On January 26, 2016, I went to an uncommon hour hearing of “What is Dr. King’s Legacy Today” presented by two professors and three Franklin and Marshall College students. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in speaking truth to power, standing up against racial injustices, ending fear within the black community, mitigating the effects of white supremacy on the black people, and creating a safe, caring, and unified environment where every individual had the power of voice. He gave his people the audacity to fight for their humanistic fundamental right, to dictate their own lives, to peruse his dream, and to create a safe space for those seeking emancipation.
Around the 1960’s, the time he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, his legacy referred to something larger than just an individualistic approach to transcend the rise of black people. It was the courage of his followers that reinforced the movement against the prevailing social injustices. Although similar social injustices still occur in our present day like the racially charged threats at the University of Missouri and the Ferguson shooting, they do not manifest to the same degree at which they did 56 years ago. Looking at our present day circumstances, the meaning and the mentality behind Dr. Kings Legacy is in some ways altered. For example, instead of championing and celebrating Martin Luther King’s day for Dr. King’s revolutionary visions, most of us celebrate Martin Luther King’s day by buying furniture,…

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