Essay about Dr. Katherine Heavers For The Global Teacher Prize

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Dear Global Teacher Prize Academy Committee,
I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Katherine Heavers for the Global Teacher Prize. I was a 12th grade student in her class from 2014 to 2015. The course was called Human Anatomy and Physiology, but that name does not do everything she taught me justice. In her classes, she sets aside five to ten minutes for students in one of the most competitive N.J. schools to relax with yoga techniques. Reinvigorated, students listen to a quote from Dr. Heavers and relax for a minute of peace, possibly the only minute of silence besides sleeping that the students get all day. For the rest of the class period, she focuses on both biology and the character traits like integrity and tolerance. The great depth of anatomy knowledge students have at the end of the year shows that her innovative teaching style works. She raised the bar in her profession by deviating from the standard class format, and she raised it more when she was named the 2015 Outstanding Biology Teacher in New Jersey. She is and has always been a personal and academic role model for the students, teachers, and community.
Students respect her because of her profound passion for both teaching and student well-being. Dr. Heavers integrates positive psychology techniques, which have been shown to improve student health and performance, into her classes. She treats all students as individuals instead of as one unit. She helps any student who needs it, whether with academics or…

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