Dr. Joanne Weidhaas 's Article Essay example

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Linda Marsa’s article she explains in depth how one relatively unknown inherited genetic mutation is linked to one out of every four patients who suffer from cancer and is responsible for causing more than half of those patients to development multiple varieties of cancer. Dr. Joanne Weidhaas’s interest in discovering why certain people without risk factors are targeted by cancer, began when a her colleague showed her how cancer is not evenly spread for some patients, which lead to multiple cancer variants affecting them. The KRAS-variant is very aggressive in terms of affecting multiple organs. Nearly 20 percent of lung cancer patients carried the KRAS-Variant. Upon discovering this Dr. Weidhaas’s and other researchers are now determined to help doctors and patients become more vigilant of the KRAS-variant mutation in order to help diagnose breast, ovarian, head related cancers from the onset, or prevent the development of the KRAS-linked cancers altogether. Dr Weidhass along with her colleague Dr. Frank Slack, devised a way a diagnostic tool to detect whether or not patient had KRAS-variant in their bodies.
According to Marsa one of the main issues without the development of a diagnostic tool to identify patients with the KRAS variant has been funding. Despite being able to secure a three million dollar investment from family members and supporters, she soon realized that near 150 million dollars would be needed to effectively promote the product and carry out numerous…

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